studio project - 2003

Design Project

Summer Term 2004

Supervising Professor: Rüdiger Lainer, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


Through researching the habits of homeless people and there excursive “live style” the given shelter must be open for variable uses. It should offer a place were they can rest for a few days within better living conditions. The driving idea of this project was to design a minimal living cell which also can provide more space and different ways of uses.


A very important fact was that they avoid contact with administrative people to get to there shelter. Sometimes they even prefer sleeping outside. I somehow solved the problem through designing a  “box in box” construction that expands its living space through sliding out. An expanded box, means that it is already inhabited. The homeless people can see immediately the free boxes on its unexpanded appearance.


To provide an easily transportation from one place to another it was very important that the size of cell is not to big for an truck trailer. Through providing different assembling combinations it can be said, that the homeless shelter can adapt itself to the changed site conditions.


model pics /  folding mechanism
model pics / folding mechanism
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constrcution plans
groundplans / section / frontview
groundplans / section / frontview